Industrial Electric Tuggers

These electric tuggers are normally used for heavier load applications or heavy-use applications. This may include heavy loads, industrial applications, trailer towing, aircraft towing, and similar electric power tugger needs.

Tug Mini
Move anything on wheels. Tug carts, trolleys, and containers, weighing up to 1100 lbs. This product bridges the institutional marketís heavier demands and the industrial marketís lighter loads. This versatile cart tugger satisfies applications from documents to parts and supplies.
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Tug Classic
A single operator can move heavy or awkward loads safely and efficiently using the Tug Classic. This electric motorized tugger can move any load on wheels up to 3.5 metric tonnes. Equipped with forward, reverse, and automatic safety brake.
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Tug Tough
This unit is built for the toughest applications. Move trucks, buses, or trailers through production lines. Applications include use as an aircraft tugger, truck tugger, and trailer tower. Available in 5 and 10 tonne models. A hydraulic lift can be added if desired.
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The TuggAlong is ideal for moving materials over a long distance. It can function as a cart tugger or component mover. The comfortable cabin is available with a weatherproof option. The standard Tuggalong includes a materials basket for fast movement of smaller loads.
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