Gzunda Cart Mover

Move linen carts and food trolleys effortlessly with the battery powered cart mover towing system.

The Gzunda Trolley and Cart mover assists in the safe and productive movement of your trolleys and carts.

Common applications include Laundry Carts or Food Handling Trolleys within healthcare and institutional environments.

What was once a heavy trolley to manually push, becomes a breeze to move with the assistance of the motorized Gzunda Trolley and Cart Mover.

The compact drive assembly fits neatly under the trolley, incorporating either a Tiller or Twist grip style steering with versatile hitch options for attachment.

The Gzunda Trolley Mover incorporates all of the features you would expect in an Electrodrive product, including a programmable controller, forward and reverse drive modes, variable speed control, automatic electromagnetic park brakes and emergency brake release.

The Gzunda's compact design, effortless maneuverability and detach-ability allows for the safe and efficient management of goods trolleys.

  • Capacity: 500kg (1,100 pounds)
  • Reduce strain and injury from moving heavy trolleys
  • Easy attachment to trolleys
  • Non marking tires suitable for indoor use
  • Quiet, smooth operation with zero emissions
  • Simple to use